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We continue our series of portraits with Alexandre, PhD in Software engineering, and one of our research and development engineers. He uses his expertise in H2020 European projects and clients' projects, with natural language processing, LSTM, pattern detection, and so many other things.

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→ Hello Alexandre, what’s your position/role at DataThings?

Alexandre: : Moien! I am research and development engineer at DataThings. I participate in various internal and client projects, from design to implementation.

→ In a few words, for what kind of clients and what kinds of projects do you work on?

Alexandre: When starting at DataThings I joined the InterQ European project, which led me to work with various partners from all over Europe, both academic and industrial, mostly focusing on making use of machine-learning techniques to ensure quality and continuation of manufacturing processes for automotive and aeronautic engine parts. I also work on industrial projects for our clients, on pattern detection in sensor signals or natural language processing for classification of text.

→ Which technologies/programming languages do you use on a daily basis?

Alexandre: While I am more keen on working with GreyCat whenever the occasion shows up, my work still has me use Python a lot towards ML-based data exploitation for partners and clients projects. Integration of such project also occasionally leads me to get my hands into some TypeScript or JavaScript, while I may develop a little bit of C when giving a hand on GreyCat, and good old Java when I need a one-shot thing quickly done.

→ What is the best aspect of your job?

Alexandre: It basically reflects the profusion of my previous answer: not a single day looks like the other, whether I will be training an ML model, debugging some feature from one of our projects, preparing content for dissemination of our works and projects. This fluidity in how tasks are handled day to day, with everybody ready to give a hand where and when they can, is by far the best part of the job.

→ Are you more formal or relaxed at the work?

Alexandre: Relaxed, wouldn’t like it any other way 😛

→ What professional experience has shaped you the most?

Alexandre: Now that’s a tough question, I guess none? Or all? It’s hard to consider I was not a little bit shaped by all of them in one way or another… To shift the question a bit I’d say I mostly feel great at my job when suddenly something clicks in my understanding of problems I am facing. In this respect, lately the InterQ project might be the one where I experienced this the most.

→ Home office or on-site?

Alexandre: It greatly depends on the task I’m working on, but for most I’d rather work on-site than remotely.

→ DataThings we have collaborators from very different backgrounds, can you tell us where you come from?

Alexandre: I come from western France, not far from Nantes where I spent twelve years before moving from Rennes to Lille, eventually arriving around Luxembourg in March 2021.

→ So let's start with lighter questions: Nantes, capital of Brittany or the Pays de la Loire?

Alexandre: Real question is: unsalted butter or salted butter?

→ Oh! Is it true! what is your preference?

Alexandre: There is no such thing as beurre doux

→ Sea or mountains?

Alexandre: Ocean. Everyday

→ What is your background?

Alexandre: : I have always had a thing for both theoretical and technical stuff, which naturally led me to apply for a Bachelor in mathematics and computer science. Eventually I focused more on software architecture for my Master and the Internet of Things for my Ph.D. thesis in Nantes. Professional experiences over the years, before and after I applied for my Ph.D., had me develop interest and skills in such various things as virtualisation, embedded systems and data science.

→ At the office's table soccer, do you rather play with “attackers” or “defenders”? Are you more into "mean diagonal attacks" or more a "brute force" guy?

Alexandre: I am so bad an attacker that I still trust the defender position if I have any choice, but with a mean diagonal approach to it that I hope will give some results with practice.

→ How do you come to work on a daily basis?

Alexandre: Mostly by train, but still occasionally by car, though too much to my taste.

→ What is your favorite hobby?

Alexandre:While I certainly don’t practice as much as I’d like, playing piano is by far the most stirring thing I can get myself into.

→ What attracted you to DataThings?

Alexandre: I had the opportunity of working with early versions of GreyCat in my last job. In this context I had the occasion to visit DataThings in late 2019 and both the GreyCat and the way & atmosphere it was led in clicked for me. So when I was offered a position, it was only natural to join in the adventure, which somehow found a way to exceed my expectations!

→ What are the 3 emojis you use the most?

Alexandre:🙃 😛 😀

→ What would you say to someone willing to apply at DataThings?

Alexandre: If you’re looking for an emulating working environment, working on mind-challenging yet concrete stuff, then don’t look any further! That + we may have cookies.

→ Great! Alexandre thank you for your time, and one last question. What is your favorite place to walk or relax in Luxembourg? 😎

Alexandre: I’d say Luxembourg city. Being one of the centres of EU while not so large of a city, the place really feels like Europe in a nutshell, which I find really refreshing while strolling in the Ville Haute or Grund quarters.

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