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We continue our series of portraits with Fen, one of our software engineers. He is working closeley with Alva - the Smart Grid AI Twin. Alva supports distribution grid operators to transition towards a smarter grid and to accelerate the energy transition. Thanks for taking the time to answer Fen!

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→ Hello Fen, what’s your position/role at DataThings?

Fen: Ciao! I’m a Software Engineer at DataThings.

→ In a few words, tell us for what kind of clients and what kinds of projects do you work?

Fen: I’m currently working on the development of an application in the energy sector and more specifically on Alva - a map web-based tool that helps operating and managing energy grid systems.

→ Which technologies/programming languages do you use on a daily basis?

Fen: I work mainly on GreyCat , which is the language/framework created at DataThings, but I’m exposed to other languages as well.

→ What is the best aspect of your job?

Fen:I would say that the people I’m working with, they are very nice and competent, and everyone has a different background which is very interesting and inspiring.

→ Are you more formal or relaxed at the work?

Fen: Mostly relaxed, there are a few moments that are more formal.

→ What professional experience has shaped you the most?

Fen: Honestly, I think that the experiences I had when I was student delegate at university had a bigger impact on me than all the work experiences combined, in terms of how to approach and interact with people.

→ Home office or on-site?

Fen: On site, but flexibility is always appreciated.

→ DataThings we have collaborators from very different backgrounds, can you tell us where you come from?

Fen: I’m from Rome, Italy.

→ Let’s switch with a lighter questions: Arancini or pizza al taglio? :D

Fen: This question feels more serious than previous ones to me hahaha, hard to choose, but I’ll go for pizza al taglio.

→ Sea or mountains?

Fen: Between the two, mountains. But I really like to visit new cities.

→ What is your background?

Fen: I started my studies in Industrial Engineering (UCBM, Rome) where I discovered programming in one of the classes, and I loved it. I decided to try and go for this direction by getting a job as software developer after my bachelor in IT (GFT, MIlan). I continued my studies by taking a MSc in Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging (UCL, London), then I worked as cloud & data engineer (BIP, Rome) for 2 years while doing a II level master in Cloud & Data Architecture (PoliMi, Milan/remote).

→ At the office's table soccer, do you rather play with “attackers” or “defenders”? Are you more into "mean diagonal attacks" or more a "brute force" guy?

Fen: I think I play more attackers, but I’m not better in terms of results :D I’m usually more “brute force” but I’m practicing for more ball control and “mean diagonal attacks” haha

→ How do you come to work on a daily basis?

Fen: I take the tram + some good walking

→ Do you have any hobbies?

Fen: I’m into photography and I like to explore good design, any type :)

→ What attracted you to DataThings?

Fen: During the interviews, the feeling I had about the people and the environment was quite good, and also, I wanted to work in a new country, so DataThings was a great opportunity.

→ What would you say to someone willing to apply at DataThings?

Fen: What are you waiting for? Come have fun with us and tell us your story.

→ What are the 3 emojis you use the most?

Fen: Directly from my phone:😂 🥲 😁

→ Great! Fen thank you for your time, and one last question. What is your favorite place to walk or relax in Luxembourg? 😎

Fen: I still have to find the perfect place honestly, so far I like the city center.

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