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We continue our series of portraits with Vinicius, one of our software engineers. He is working closeley with GreyCat and as well to one of our projects - Predictive. Thanks for taking the time to answer Vinicius!

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→ Hello Vinicius, what’s your position/role at DataThings?

Vinicius: Hello, I am a Software Engineer at DataThings. I participate in the design and implementation of some of our projects.

→ In a few words, for what kind of clients and what kinds of projects do you work on?

Vinicius: When I first started I was participating only in GreyCat project and its tools, like updating its documentation and Studio. Now I am also working in of one of our clients projects, Predictive, and I am also part of the development of a library of front-end components that support GreyCat types as parameters.

→ Which technologies/programming languages do you use on a daily basis?

Vinicius: I am currently using Javascript a lot, and the framework that we use for our projects is React, so that as well. When I have to implement back-end part, until today I only used GreyCat language, no need for any other. Also for the documentation of GreyCat, markdown is a must.

→ What is the best aspect of your job?

Vinicius: I think the people, I really like the environment here. At the same time that everybody is fully concentrated working in their projects, we are all the time chating and helping each other.

→ Are you more formal or relaxed at the work?

Vinicius: Hehe... I can’t think of me as a formal person, so I would say relaxed...? 😆

→ What professional experience has shaped you the most?

Vinicius: It is really hard to choose one. I think everything that happened, even during my studies, has shaped me in the way I am today. Maybe one of the most impactful experiences was, when I studyed abroad in The Netherland. At that time I realized that I want to live abroad after graduating.

→ Home office or on-site?

Vinicius: So, it is a mix for me. I like the office life and having people around, but it is good to have the possibility of staying at home when you want to. Sometimes you have so much to do and everything is well defined already, that it doesn’t actually makes much of a difference if you go to the office, so why not just stay at home?

→ DataThings we have collaborators from very different backgrounds, can you tell us where you come from?

Vinicius: I am from Brazil, the land of the sun. 😆 Well, not really true in my state, Rio Grande do Sul. And different from what most people think, it is not always hot there (well, we have below 10 degrees, but it is hard to go below 0).

→ Let’s switch with a lighter questions: Coxinhas or Pão de queijo?

Vinicius: Pão de queijo and coxinha can be considered a good fight, but then I would choose pão de queijo (I could eat a whole batch of them 😆 )

→ Sea or mountains?

Vinicius: Well, I was raised in a mountain, and I aways hated that it was far from civilization (well, for a child that need to go up and down by foot is hard...). So I would say Sea. :)

→ What is your background?

Vinicius: So, it is a little complex if I go over everything I studied (at one point I was even studying Physical Education). So lets just say I graduated in Computer Science at UFRGS university in Brazil in 2017. I was already working as a Back-end Developer at that time for a company that develops applications for stocks investment, Nelogica. Later I worked as a Full-Stack Developer for Endeeper, a company that develops geologic analysis applications. The last company I worked before moving to Luxembourg was DeepX, developing general mobile and web applications.

→ At the office's table soccer, do you rather play with “attackers” or “defenders”? Are you more into "mean diagonal attacks" or more a "brute force" guy?

Vinicius: So... I prefer attacker, but I can’t play both... I would say “mean diagonal attacks”, but before that I would need to learn how to control the ball first. 😆

→ How do you come to work on a daily basis?

Vinicius: By train, usually it is 30 minutes from Rodange gare to Luxembourg Central Station.

→ Do you have any hobbies?

Vinicius:Nowadays, it is basically play video games and read mangas. But I always liked playing collective sports (basketball, voleyball, both types of football, etc).

→ What attracted you to DataThings?

Vinicius: After receiving the proposition to interview with DataThings, I looked up into it and it reminded me of the company that I consider the one that I most liked to work at. So this made me more interested in it. But the process was so fast (and I was having my final exams at the time) that when I realized, I was here already. 😆

→ What would you say to someone willing to apply at DataThings?

Vinicius:Come, we are nice people. :)
AND we have kicker!! 🤷‍♂️

→ What are the 3 emojis you use the most?

Vinicius:As can be seen above: 😆 plus 🙂 & 😉

→ Great! Vinicius thank you for your time, and one last question. What is your favorite place to walk or relax in Luxembourg? 😎

Vinicius:Haha, the first thing that came to my mind was “My house”, but ok... I think the park in the valley of Luxembourg city is very nice to walk (Parcs de la Pétrusse). Also, for me going into scotts pub in Grund is like going to a bar in Brazil (90% of the waiters there are brazilians oO), so feels like home but without the good food. 😆

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