Successful deployment at Creos Luxembourg

ALVA the Smart Grid AI Twin, is now successfully deployed at Creos Luxembourg.

This milestone comes after years of joint development between Creos Luxembourg and DataThings. This is also a major step forward in Creos’ commitment to improving the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of energy distribution and management.

Electricity is often overlooked but managing its efficient distribution is a constant engineering challenge. As we move towards renewable energy sources, more electric vehicles and electric heat pumps, distribution grids are under immense strain. This puts an enormous pressure on maintaining the electrical stability of the grid. Having a reliable view of the state of the grid and making informed predictions is becoming increasingly complex in the current changing paradigm of electricity use. ALVA, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology Made in Luxembourg, provides a digital twin representation of the physical energy grid. The smart grid AI twin enables Creos to monitor and optimise its distribution network, predict potential problems and help Creos to ensure reliable and uninterrupted supply of energy to its customers. With ALVA, Creos is taking a big step forward in embracing AI and digital transformation for the energy sector.

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