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"Driven by emerging technologies, like the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, and the so-called Industry 4.0, our businesses are becoming more and more complex every day. This makes taking sustainable operational decisions hard, especially when they need to be taken in live. At DataThings we believe that the large amount of data collected today from various sources has the potential to help you to better understand your businesses.

Our technology can empower a wide range of fields: health care, transportation systems, building management, Internet of Things, financial sector and nearly every other business that deals with live data. DataThings mission is to develop intelligent software systems to transform your data into actionable and valuable insights to support you in taking the best operational decisions – even in live."

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  • GreyCat Enterprise: Our flagship product for live data analytics. Built on top of the framework GreyCat, it is the result of more than four years of research. Get a license and empower your own analytics platform, or benefit from our know-how to build your next generation analytics software on top of GreayCat Enterprise.
  • Custom/Individual Software Development: Looking for a software solution related to data analytics, machine learning, and/or big data visualization tailored to your needs? How can we support you?
  • Consultancy: Do you need help in Software Engineering, Machine Learning, or Data Analytics? Let’s talk about it.

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The GreyCat Technology

GreyCat emerges after several years of research to efficiently analyze large-scale data in live. It is designed as a toolset to develop customized operational decision-making tools, able to run on big data centers but also on commodity hardware. Upon several years of successful cooperation at the University of Luxembourg, the co-founders of DataThings and creators of the GreyCat framework decided that it is time for the next chapter: GreyCat Enterprise.

Digital Twin & Simulation

Create Digital Twins of your production tools by learning their behavior from their historical data, to produce prediction and simulation engines which accuracy outruns theoretical models by taking into account all your business' specificity.

Continuous learning

Models can be trained continuously to reflect the most recent evolution of your business, and take into account the impacts of seasonality, markets trends, shifts, etc. so their predictions are always up-to-date. And by the way, learning this way is cheaper than learning by huge batches.

Big Data on reasonable hardware

Give a try to machine learning and data analytics with GreyCat without investing in a huge infrastructure. We made sure that learning can run on commodity hardware, leveraging a great team work between storage disks and RAM. Then, if you want to scale, GreyCat will make the best of the resources at its disposal to accelerate the data processing.

Analytics And Machine Learning

GreyCat provides state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, like neural networks and Gaussian mixture models, specifically adapted to take advantage of its temporal graph and empower your businesses with insights refined from your data.


GreyCat can be embedded in applications, deployed on a server on premises, embedded on edge computing platforms, or run in the cloud; you decide what suits you best.


As former researchers, we continuously look at the most advanced methods to solve your challenges. We keep a very strong connection to research institutions around the world.


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We are a bunch of passionate computer science researchers and software engineers. After several years of successful collaboration at the University of Luxembourg/SnT, the co-founders of DataThings set out to start the next chapter in data analytics. At DataThings, we aim at making the vision of live analytics of complex and time-evolving data a reality in order to support your businesses in operational decision-making.

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